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Max’s traumatizing experience. (x)


Chicago, 2008

"Somewhere in this world, there is a door that leads to my dreams. Maybe the door that Ryouma opened when he appeared in my life is the very one that leads to those dreams… Though it was filled with confusion and things I never dreamed I’d do, I know that as long as I’m with Ryouma, I’ll never be afraid. So I’ll walk onward. I want to go and see what’s beyond this door… With Ryouma."
Sempre tem alguma vadia pra estragar sua sala.


Time for some Richard :)


You’re welcome.


The art of shaving Dick.

Reblog se seu nome não é Edvânia.

Okay. So he’s g o n e.


I wish I was what he was looking at so intently.  Damn.

Everyone: 1 hour = 60 minutes
Me: 1 hour = three anime episodes